The Well

About The Well,

Jesus Himself said that ‘if anyone is thirsty that they should go to Him and drink so that rivers of living water will flow from within them.’ John 7:37

Jesus, also reached out to a woman at a Well where He offered her living water

In John 4 Jesus meets a woman at a well.  He asks her to give Him a drink.  The woman is shocked that he would even talk to her let alone ask her for anything.  You see she was a Samaritan and He a Jew.  But even more scandalous was that she was a woman and an outcast in her village.  Nobody associated with her, they all ignored her, but

Jesus reached out to her,

he spoke to her,

called her out of her sin,

offered her eternal life,

and her life was changed forever … at ‘the well’

Jesus offered her living water – water that would become a spring, welling up, flowing, bubbling continually within her – water that would give her eternal life.  Jesus promised that if she would drink from the water he had to offer, then she would never thirst again!  And so she drank and her life was changed for all eternity!

My own hearts longing is to daily find Jesus at ‘the well’ as I open up the Word, take in and apply all that is written there for me.  I want the Word to challenge, change, correct and allow me to know the love that God has for me … a sinner saved by grace.  A deeper longing of my heart is to encourage women who want that too.

My hope is that you will find some encouragement, support and helpful resources here to help you as you spend time studying the Word.   It can be a difficult world to live in, especially as Christian women , but God has promised us that He has given us everything we need to be able to live out life here on planet earth … (2 Peter 1:3)

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