dead yet alive

Col 3:5-10
It’s not easy to ‘live’ as though we are ‘dead’, but that’s what we are … ‘dead men walking’ (or women 😀). I find that I truly have to train and keep on training my mind to live in this Christ redeemed reality. I am DEAD … to sin!
Instead, I am ALIVE to Christ! And yet sin and its temptations stand RIGHT. THERE! Every day, with every choice that’s presented I have the POWER to make the right decision. I AM NOT powerless. The toothless lion that roams around wants me to FEEL powerless BUT the eternal truth is that I have CHRIST IN ME … (I’m preaching to myself this morning!)

I am not a weak defenceless Christian who has to just cope by living here on earth. I don’t have to fall to every temptation that presents itself – I can overcome them – not by my will power – but by calling out to the Lord for help and recognizing that this temptation to sin has no power over me.

God has already put to death whatever belongs to my earthly nature, but today we are to KNOW this truth and COUNT it to be true, and act accordingly. In other words, I am not going to live as though I am still alive to sin – I am made new in Christ.image.jpeg


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