Writing The Word


image2 Timothy 1:12-14 (read also  15-18)

Suffering – bleh! Nobody likes the thoughts of suffering. But today I read about a suffering man (writing from a prison cell), who so deeply knew His Saviour that He could count His suffering as great gain!

Sometimes, I feel that the greatest dis-service we can do to the world is to present salvation as the ‘get out of suffering free card’, but the truth is, if you stand for, and present the truth of the Gospel, you will at times suffer.

The Christian life isn’t about ‘come to Jesus and everything in life will be wonderful’ kind of deal. The authentic Christian life will ‘at times be a life of suffering. But girls, this is where we go deep, we push in and we stick our proverbial ‘high-heels of faith’ into the ground and proclaim ‘we will not be moved’. We anchor ourselves to the truth of the Word, we spur one another on (as Paul is doing here for Timothy and as Onesiphorus did for Paul … read vs 15-18) and we preach the Gospel daily to ourselves.

So from today’s passage I take these thoughts to my heart and guard them as a great spiritual deposit of truth that… I may suffer for the sake of Christ while making His truth known, but I am not ashamed! Because I believe and trust and rely upon Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and I know that He alone is able to keep me. In the midst of cultural change I will continue to hold fast to the truth of the Word. I will guard and keep to the truth by renewing my mind daily in the Word. And I am thankful for and gain incredible comfort in the truth that the Holy Spirit WHO MAKES HIS HOME IN ME will be my counsellor and comforter when the going gets tough.

Honestly, ladies, this is the BLESSED life we live – to know Christ, to serve Christ and sometimes to suffer for standing for Christ!

I am not ashamed…

Questions: How does focusing on God’s call in our lives help us endure suffering?


Paul encouraged Timothy to be loyal to God’s Word. In what ways can we be loyal to God’s Word?


Look forward to hearing from you

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