Writing The Word


Happy Friday dear ones!!!!

IF you haven’t tried writing out the Word yet – can I STRONGLY encourage you to try it for today’s text from 2 Timothy 1:9-11. AND, if you can, write it from the Amplified version (which can be found on-line for free at Bible Gateway). Today’s text is going to change. your. day!!!!


It won’t necessarily change the circumstances in your life, your bank account which may only have a few dollars in won’t change, bills won’t disappear, relationships might not instantly heal and your boss may not change into boss of the year before you arrive at work. The kids may still whine and the bus may still be late BUT here in the Word is the power and encouragement and HOPE to face the day!!!

The Word is ALIVE and ACTIVE! Jesus Christ is ALIVE and ACTIVE. He speaks LIFE and HOPE and COURAGE into heartache and despair. He is our ANCHOR He is our PEACE in our trouble seas, HE WILL carry us safe to shore ( thank you Rend).

I know this because today He spoke to me from the pages of His Word. He told me that before the world began … eternal ages ago (think about that) … that He had already called me to Himself. ME, a child born out of wedlock, not necessarily planned or hoped for but who was given life … ME! He called ME to a holy life, a holy life that only He can create in me. Today He told me that death is gone – there is no more death to be had because HE has overcome death and the grave and because of His sacrificial death on the cross for MY sins I. HAVE. BEEN. GRANTED. IMMUNITY from the penalty and consequences of sin.

I’ve typed in many capitals today because my heart is overwhelmed. I feel incredibly thankful and humbled and no the hard things won’t instantly disappear but right now the Word of God has brought me fresh hope x I really do hope you will take some time to carve the letters and words out onto a clean page … as you seek Him, He will speak x

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a WRETCH like ME!!


Look forward to hearing from you

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