Writing The Word

the exchanged life

Good morning lady friends x

2 Timothy 1:6-8
A spirit of:
Self control

This morning a couple of words/phrases speak from the page, the first being … ‘Fan into flame the gift…’ Just as Timothy received a spiritual gift as he was ordained to service in the church you and I also have received a gift…

That’s nothing new hey since we’ve been being taught in-depth about the spiritual gifts on Sundays 🙂

Have you figured out what your gift is? As you do you need to fan that gift into a flame!! Flames and fire denote energy, power and strength.

Remember the forest fires that consumed Fort McMurray? That fire raged and consumed and took on a life of its own. The gift of God that He has given us to serve the body of Christ here on earth can burn with us like a burning forest fire! God wants to show His power and strength through your life also! You are not insignificant. Fan the gift lady and the Spirit of God will bring glory to Jesus through your life. You have been created and chosen with purpose 🙂

In our own flesh and ability we can default to timidity, fear and cowardice and feel as though we could never be effective with our gift. BUT, we live the exchanged life! Instead of timidity we have power, instead of cowardice we have love, instead of fear we have a calm and well balanced mind!!! (Maybe after our first morning coffee – ha!) The Holy Spirit has given us these things, He lives in us. He is our constant aid and helper!

The gift we have been given is to be used to bring glory to Jesus Christ here on earth. In the face of a culture that is growing more and more hostile to the name and person of Jesus Christ – let us not be ashamed to name the Name, or be intimidated by those who want to mock us or put us down. Let’s keep encouraging one another and let’s blow encouragement onto each other’s flame so that it will grow stronger x

What are you getting from the Word today? How is the Lord speaking to your heart? The comments are open 🙂image


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