Culinary Skills?

Because I’m famous for my baking skills ….

A couple of weeks ago this picture landed on my facebook page! So when my sweet friend (I just typed fiend!) needed another ‘snack bringer’ for our after church cafe,  I figured I could jump in and maybe try this facebook find!  I did do some sneaky thinking and figured I would make the cake in… Continue reading Because I’m famous for my baking skills ….


The Well Resources {Matthew 21 – 25}

I’m so thankful that we started off last weeks study with thoughts from Matthew 16 and particularly with the question that Jesus asked His disciples, “But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” It’s amazing how many times throughout the course of a week we are subconsciously faced with this question over and… Continue reading The Well Resources {Matthew 21 – 25}